How to Know When it's Time to Call an Appliance Technician

Published October 25th, 2020 by Orlim Electric

Do you suspect that you might have a problem with one of your appliances? Repairing or replacing appliances can be a daunting thought. It's easy to try and ignore any potential problems so that you can get as much life out of your appliances as possible.

However, appliance issues can range from small malfunctions to incredibly dangerous and even life-threatening faults. Read on to discover when it may be time to call an appliance technician.

Call an Appliance Technician Immediately if You Smell Burning

If you smell burning coming from an appliance, you must seek professional assistance as a matter of urgency. Turning the appliance off at the wall is the right thing to do, but it does not guarantee safety. A burning smell could be the beginning of an electrical fire. 

You should follow the same process if there is smoke coming from an appliance. In the event of an emergency, don't hesitate to call the emergency services.

Your Appliance Is Making Abnormal Noises

Many appliances make noise most of the time. Fridges and freezers, for example, should make a low humming noise. And appliances such as washing machines and dishwashers are noisy when turned on. 

Should one of your appliances start to make a new noise that you haven't heard before, it may indicate a problem. Scraping, rattling, dripping, and buzzing are all sounds that are worth paying attention to.

It's best not to ignore these noises — electrical issues are one of the main causes of house fires.

There Is a Noticeable Difference in Your Energy Costs

Energy costs fluctuate throughout the year because of climate, but if your electricity bills have been creeping up unexpectedly, it may be worthwhile calling an appliance technician.

A faulty appliance may have to work harder in order to perform the task it is made for. For example, a freezer with a faulty fan motor will have to use extra energy to keep the temperature low enough.

If high energy bills are your only evidence of a faulty appliance, finding the source of the problem should be left to a professional. The team at Orlim Electric has years of experience in identifying and repairing appliance faults.

There Are Signs of Excess Moisture

Moisture buildup can cause mold growth both inside your appliances as well as on your walls and floors. Any appliance which uses water, such as a dishwasher or washing machine, is susceptible to moisture buildup and leakages. Refrigerators and freezers can also accumulate moisture as they use cooling mechanisms.

Inhalation of mold spores can become damaging to health, so it's best to resolve the issue as soon as possible.

Safety First

While the thought of calling out an appliance technician may be inconvenient, it is far better to have your existing appliances repaired by a qualified appliance technician than it is to replace faulty appliances with brand new ones.

Appliance repairs are not unreasonably expensive, but the cost is a small price to pay to ensure your safety and the safety of those around you. 

Read some of the testimonials from past customers, and do not hesitate to contact Orlim Electric if you are having trouble with any of your appliances.

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