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Quality service

Our focus is offering quality service and repairs in a timely manner. Our technicians have gone through extensive training to provide you with the best service available in the industry. Look no further for assistance on your luxury appliances!

Honest Service

Our reputation means EVERYTHING to us and we are willing to go above and beyond to ensure you are extremely pleased and 100% satisfied with our service. Our company was driven into existence upon coming in contact with so many dishonest appliance repair companies. Time after time, we were constantly asked “when are you going to open your own company?” Until one day, Orlim Electric was born! We hope to serve you soon!

Trusted Clients

Over the years we have developed repeat business with our clients at some of the most prestigious residences, marinas, country clubs, and restaurants throughout the entire East Coast of Florida. We treat our clients like family and understand the need for timely, effective service. We want to keep your home’s appliances running smoothly and provide you with it's maximum longevity!

Our Vision

Our goal is to deliver first class service when it comes to our clients' luxury appliances repair and maintenance needs. We strive to not only service, but also, educate each client regarding their appliance to ensure maximum longevity in the life of their units. We put our clients first and will do anything within our power to make sure you are pleased with our service. 

The Team You Can Trust!

We are a team of specialized service and solutions professionals with more than 25 years' experience in the industry. Our goal is to provide you with our utmost superb and honest service leaving you satisfied and smiling once we leave your home or establishment! Our technicians will not only service your unit but also educate you, our client, on your specific unit so that it will provide you with its maximum functional life. 

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Our Repairs

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Refrigerator Repair

It is essential to quickly get your refrigerator repaired when a problem presents itself as it is the main place your delicate produce is stored. Our technicians can arrive the same day to diagnose the issue your unit may be having so that it is repaired and functioning properly as soon as possible. Hesitating to repair your unit can actually damage more areas within the unit, creating a bigger expense. 

Freezer Repair

A broken freezer can be a mess! Let us help you or your business by repairing your freezer as quickly as possible. 

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Ice Makers Repair

Approximately 70% of the calls we receive on a daily basis are related in some form to issues with the ice makers. Ice maker repairs must be done correctly by a trained professional. This, next to a condenser repair, will be one of your most costly repairs and if done incorrectly can double or triple that expense.

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Wine Cooler Repair

Let us protect your collection by getting your wine coolers back up and running in a timely manner.


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Refrigerator Maintenance

It's important to properly maintain your refrigerator to extend the life of your unit and reduce possible damage and repairs to your unit. Often times, people will repair their unit but not maintenance it after. Routine maintenance on your refrigerator can often avoid expensive repair costs. Call us today to schedule your semi-annual maintenance. 

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Freezer Maintenance

Freezers are essential to maintaining your delicate produce along with the refrigerator. Semi-maintenance can avoid costly repair expenses and extend the life of your unit. These units are expensive and so are their repairs, we want to help you by protecting your unit from avoidable damage and repairs. 

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Ice Maker Maintenance

All appliances should be maintenance at least semi-annually, the ice maker especially! Ice makers are generally the appliance that has the most issues. Maintenance your ice maker and other refrigeration units semi-annually to avoid costly repairs!

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Wine Cooler Maintenance

Protect your collection of fine wine by properly maintaining your unit with the help of Orlim Electric. 



5 Questions to Ask Before Hiring an Appliance Repair Technician

You're rushing to get your kid to his soccer practice. First, you need to get some food into him before you race out the door. You grab the plate of food from the microwave only to find it isn't warm like it should be. You wonder, did I not turn it on? So, you hit two minutes and put it back in again.The food still comes out cold. Life is too busy and hectic to not have working appliances. It's time to quickly call the appliance repair technician and hope it's a repair versus a ...

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Who Can I Trust For Repairs?

My fridge broke and COVID-19? Who can I trust for repairs? If you’re like 95% of the world population you were definitely not ready for Corona Virus or COVID-19! We understand how difficult this situation has been for families, businesses, and even personally. As a company who takes pride in putting our clients first we want to ensure you can count on us during this time of uncertainty! All of our technicians are to respond to the needs of our clients with utmost precaution. They use corporately provided gloves and masks at every home and have a change of ...

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Maintenance Matters!

Preventative maintenance is crucial for the longevity of your appliances! Do you change the oil in your car consistently? The maintenance of your car will prolong the longevity of how well it performs. How much more important is it to maintenance the appliances that are preserving the food you eat! We always make sure our clients' appliances are being serviced at least semi-annually because we don't want to just repair your units, we want to ensure it lasts you a lifetime. High end appliance brands such as Subzero, Viking, Miele, and Bosch need to be routinely serviced by an ...

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  • I had just bought a new house and the electric panel and some wiring needed to be completely replaced. Not to mention, for my own taste, I wanted 8 light fixtures to be changed too. I got several quotes, but none beat Orlim. Not only that, but they got 100% of the work done ahead of schedule and left everything in perfect condition (I've heard horror stories about how other electricians leave their work). I am so happy and will definitely call them with any future electrical needs!


  • My subzero fridge stopped working and I needed it to be fixed the same day. I found Orlim Electric and called them. The woman on the phone was very helpful! They sent a technician the same day and they were able to repair my fridge. The tech was also very respectful and experienced. Thank you Orlim for you quick and efficient response, I will be calling for all our future needs!


  • My subzero wine cooler stopped cooling and the lights turned off, I found Orlim Electric on Facebook and called to get it fixed. The technician, Orlando, arrived and fixed it the same day. Very kind man and he even taught me how to maintain my wine cooler long term! Definitely recommend!!


  • I have a large subzero with French doors on my boat. It stopped working so I tried calling another company who didn't even bother showing up. I was referred to Orlim Electric and they were quick to show up and I could tell they were experienced. Tech was very courteous and helped fix the freezer with no complaints (it's definitely a tight fit). I highly recommend this company if you want someone honest, experienced, and great at what they do.


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