Fridge and Freezer Not Cold? 5 Signs of Freezer Trouble

Published October 2nd, 2020 by Orlim Electric

When you have a freezer, you expect it to keep your goods frozen. But unfortunately, things happen.

Noticing that your fridge and freezer are not cold can be one of the biggest signs of trouble. If you can identify the warning signs before you lose the food in your freezer, then you have a good chance of saving it.

But how do you know when your freezer might be warning you of trouble? Keep reading and we'll tell you what to watch out for.

1. Fridge and Freezer Are Not Cold

It's easy to go into panic mode when you notice that your freezer isn't keeping cool. It's also one of the most common freezer problems that homeowners face.

When your freezer isn't keeping its cool, it can spoil your food. One way to tell that there's a problem is by feeling the outside of it. If it's warm to the touch, you might be having some problems with your condenser coils.

There can also be another side to this too. If the freezer is too cold, that can also be a problem.

No matter which of the above signs that you have, you should always call a professional to get to the bottom of it.

2. What's That Sound?

Freezers should make a low, humming sound. It indicates that they're running properly. But if this sound suddenly sounds like it's amplified, or other odd sounds are accompanying it, you might be dealing with a broken freezer.

These sounds often mean that there's an issue with your condenser coils. It's also possible that your evaporator fan is the culprit.

3. A Spike in Your Electrical Bills

Monitoring your electrical bill is important. It should be relatively consistent if nothing changes within your home.

But if you happen to notice that there's a sudden spike in your bill, it could be caused by your freezer.

To prevent this, you can get freezer maintenance from a professional. This can verify that your freezer is in working order. Or, you can have them check to see if it needs repairs.

4. Your Light Works, But There's No Sound

Remember when we mentioned that odd sounds can mean that there's a problem? The same can be said when there's no sound.

It can indicate a problem if the light still turns on when you open the freezer, but it doesn't sound like the machine is running. In this case, you'll want to call the professionals as there could be a problem with the compressor.

5. You Found a Puddle

Puddles are a bad sign when it comes to your freezer. It can be caused by everything from a leak to a problem with your freezer's seal.

Freezers also have a drip pan that can break and cause leakages. A professional will always be able to help you best in this situation.

Need Freezer Repair or Maintenance?

When trouble strikes your freezer, you can now safely recognize the warning signs. Whether your fridge and freezer are not cold or you notice a leak, you'll be able to call a professional before the problem worsens.

Do you need freezer maintenance or repair? You can count on us to get it under control. Book an appointment with one of our trusted professionals today!

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